1.Choose the right product for you.

    2.Put it in the cart and then go to the checkout.

    3.Fill in the form accordingly.

    4.After sending the order, you will receive a confirmation stating the total amount of your purchase.

    5.Then we record your order and we already make your product, and we deliver it at the pre-written / requested time.


  • Normal delivery by courier

15 €  

We will try to deliver the finalized order via the webshop to the specified delivery address in Europe at the pre-agreed time. publication). If the delivery of the products fails because the Buyer is not at the specified delivery address, the courier service will try to deliver again the next day. If this delivery attempt fails, your package will be returned to La Vivienne. Uncaptured packets are then deleted.

Preparation time: 

The time of making the products can be reached by clicking on each product, in some cases they can be done earlier or later, but in all cases we will send information about the contact details provided. 

Jewelry: 2-3 business days

 Jewelry with live flowers: 8-10 business days 

Crystal rose: 8-10 business days 

Crystal cube: 10-12 business days 

Crystal board: 20 working days 

Bridal bouquet: 20 working days

 Important informations: 

Important informations:

Each product is handmade and unique, so no 2 of them are the same.

The products may differ from those displayed on the website, they are for information only. Tiny bubbles may occur during the making of the products, but they are not conspicuous at all and do not spoil the overall picture, they do not affect the final result.

The colors of the flowers can change as they have extremely sensitive pigments, but of course our chemists always meet the maximum. If the flower has previously undergone a chemical treatment, please be sure to inform us during the transfer, as this will greatly affect the final result and the conservation process.

We use a UV stabilizer in the production of the products, so it stays beautiful forever. The products should be placed in a place where we can always admire them, but not reach small children and pets, or, if possible, protect them from high levels of sunlight so that their product enjoys long-lasting beauty.

We will send you detailed information about the delivery of the flowers.

We always agree on the final composition (especially in the case of a bridal bouquet), as we want the finished product to be a truly personal gift for everyone.